Pre-transplant testing is done for restaging in order to determine your disease response and the safety of receiving a transplant. Depending on the type of disease you have, restaging tests may include x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, PET scans, bone scans, blood tests, and urine tests. (In order to perform all the necessary blood tests, 10-15 tubes of blood will be taken. Do not be alarmed; although this looks like a lot of blood, your body will replace it within 24-48 hours). You will also undergo a bone marrow biopsy to determine if the disease involves your bone marrow, the extent of the involvement, and if there has been any damage to your bone marrow from previous chemotherapy.

Tests to evaluate your heart, lung, liver, and kidney function will include an echocardiogram, EKG, pulmonary (lung) function tests, x-rays, urine tests, and more blood work.

You will need to see your dentist for an evaluation to identify infections or other areas of concern. Any dental work needing to be done will have to be taken care of prior to transplant. You will need to get written clearance from your dentist before transplant can proceed. We recommend initiating your dental evaluation as soon as possible. Please discuss any dental work that is needed with your transplant coordinator prior to having the work done.

Your test results will be sent to your insurance company by the BMT Financial Coordinator for final transplant approval when available.

Additionally, because the transplantation process is emotionally stressful, you are required to meet with the transplant psychologist before starting transplant. It is important for us to know how we can support you and your family throughout the transplant process. Your transplant coordinator will help you set up this appointment at the appropriate time. The transplant process affects your entire support system. Your primary support system, which may include family members or friends, is encouraged to come to your appointment with the psychologist or they are welcome to meet individually with the psychologist.

Once all of the required tests and pre-transplant assessments have been performed, the transplant team determines whether a transplant is a safe option for you A consent meeting will be arranged between yourself, your support system, the transplant physician and your coordinator. Prior to the meeting, you will be given a consent packet to review. The packet outlines the transplant process, risks involved, and permission for the sharing of your medical information. The consent forms for transplant are long and are often overwhelming to read. While reviewing the forms, please write down any questions you may have or call your coordinator for clarification. During the consent meeting you will have an opportunity to ask any additional questions. You will be asked whether you have completed an advance directive. If you have an advance directive, please bring a copy to this meeting.