Social Workers

Our licensed social workers are available to you and your family to help with practical matters before, during and after transplant, such as transportation, housing, insurance, and financial concerns. They can also provide information on community resources that may be available to assist you and your family.

Apheresis Technologist

These are trained technicians who operate the apheresis machine, which collects stem cells. They are specially trained in this procedure and know how to take care of you during this procedure.


A dietitian will talk to you about nutrition during your transplant and special dietary restrictions you must follow while you are neutropenic. If you have special dietary needs, a dietitian will work with you to help you select the best foods for you.


The schedulers are your contacts for determining the dates and times of your appointments and tests in the Transplant Clinic. Call them if you have questions about your schedule or if you need to make a time change.

Financial Coordinators

The Financial Coordinators work with patients, Caregivers and insurance providers to help patients obtain reimbursement for the costs related to transplantation. They are experts in this process and understand the various physical, medical and social problems affecting transplant patients. They will help you understand the cost and reimbursement for your care before treatment begins.


There are chaplains available for religious and spiritual support for patients at P/SL Medical Center. You can ask your transplant nurse coordinator or inpatient transplant nurse to contact the chaplain while you are in the hospital. The chaplain may also be of help in finding others who share your spiritual beliefs who could meet with you at your request.