Transplant Nurse Coordinator

The transplant nurse coordinator will be your guide in preparing for transplant. This nurse has special training and experience in stem cell transplantation. The transplant coordinator and physician work collaboratively throughout this process. Your coordinator will ensure that all of the necessary components of your pretransplant workup, including consultations, scans, and blood work are completed and evaluated so you may proceed safely to transplant.

Transplant Nurses

Throughout your transplant, you will be cared for by transplant-trained nurses. They will manage your care in conjunction with the other members of the transplant team. The transplant nurses administer chemotherapy, stem cells, and assess and manage your daily symptoms associated with transplant. They work together with the transplant physicians and nurse practitioners to assure you are as comfortable and safe as possible.

Home Care Nurse

The role of home care nurse is to provide nursing services after clinic hours. This may include patient and Caregiver education regarding administration of antibiotics, anti-nausea medications, and other symptom management. The home care nurse will make intermittent visits to your home or apartment on an as-needed basis.